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What Liverpools Jordan Henderson Said To

  • As is typical of these two teams it was an intense and heated battle that took place October 9th at the Emirates Stadium.Things boiled over in the 75th minute when after appeared to catch Gabriel Jesus ankle he was quickly awarded a penalty.In the immediate aftermath, Liverpool captain said something toArsenal's Gabriel Magalhaes which Gabriel Steven Adams Jersey took offense to and immediately approached the Captain shouting in his face.The two had to be separated by their teammates before referee Michael Oliver stepped in to try to ascertain what had caused the ruckus. Jordan HendersonGabriel was adamant that Henderson had said a racist term in Portuguese but it has now been revealed in a tweet by what Liverpool's Captain actually said.In the aftermath of the awarded penalty Henderson approached Gabriel and called him Rawle Alkins Jersey a "f**king idiot".Scroll to ContinueThe word "idiot" apparently sounds like a much worse word in Portuguese that carries racist overtones. Couple this with Hendersons' thick Geordie accent and it's obvious to see where the confusion came from. Gabriel MagalhaesHenderson has always been very clear with his stance on racism, Christian Wood Jersey and the i sues surrounding it, and had this to say back in August of 2021.On behalf of all of the players Sindarius Thornwell Jersey at Liverpool, I want to restate our commitment to taking the knee in the this season and welcome the decision that was taken by the Premier League last week,Just last week the FA clear Henderson of any wrongdoing in an official statement released today published by .The investigation included taking witne s statements from the complainant and accused, along with an additional six players who were within proximity of the alleged incident, reviewing multiple angles of video footage, and seeking independent linguistics experts evidence. Jaxson Hayes Jersey None of the witne ses heard the alleged comment, and the player accused strenuously denied the allegation throughout. Whilst the FA is entirely satisfied that the allegation was made in good faith, it is equally satisfied that there is no case to answer.Read More Liverpool Coverage: