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10bbl brite tanks manufacturer for sustainable, high-intensity

  • 10bbl brite tanks Manufacturers have a long service life and require little maintenance, so their applications continue to grow. They also help tank owners reduce initial costs. The higher strength of stainless steel allows tank wall thickness to be reduced and less steel to be used. Because there is no need for expensive protective coatings or cathodic protection, the installation cost of 10bbl brite tanks manufacturer is comparable to that of carbon steel storage tanks.

    The storage of the chemical and petrochemical industry is mainly carbon steel storage tanks, because the stored products are generally not particularly corrosive, even so, moisture and environmental corrosion can not be ignored, so protective measures such as coating, impressed current or cathodic protection must be used. Tanks made of 304 or 316 austenitic stainless steel are corrosion-resistant and are also available.

    However, because their strength is not very high, the wall thickness of the storage tank is required to be thicker, resulting in heavier weight, increased material costs, and more expensive prices. 10bbl brite tanks manufacturer Due to their high strength, manufacturing costs are lower than austenitic stainless steel or carbon steel storage tanks. If the full life cycle cost is considered, the cost advantage is more obvious. Tank designers often choose economic duplex stainless steel with a molybdenum content of 0.3-0.5%, and if it is a more corrosive environment, a higher molybdenum content is used.

    10bbl brite tanks manufacturer If selected correctly, they can be used indefinitely. Even if the tank is damaged for some reason, there is still a high scrap value, which can further reduce the life cycle cost. Stainless steel is produced with a high proportion of recycled scrap, reducing the need for energy-intensive charges. It not only protects resources, but also reduces total energy consumption.

    10bbl brite tanks manufacturer also avoids volatile organic compounds in the spray process. Their excellent corrosion resistance greatly reduces the risk of tank failure, possible leakage and damage to life and the environment. 10bbl brite tanks manufacturer After scrap, can be recycled.

    10bbl brite tanks manufacturer