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Servo Upside down Special Machine applications and future trend

  • Servo Upside down Special Machine is playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing field. It is a machine tool that can automatically process parts according to predetermined programs. With the help of computer software control and digital signal processing technology, various complex machining operations can be automatically completed. Including milling, drilling, turning, grinding, etc. It works with pre-written programs, which are generated by computer software and transmitted to the machine tool, thus enabling automated processing. It is widely used in various manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, electronics, medical devices, etc.

    The control system is the core part, which is composed of computer, CNC and driver. The computer is responsible for generating the machining program, the CNC converts the program into a signal that the machine tool can understand, and then transmits the signal to the various executive parts through the driver, such as the motor, the hydraulic cylinder, etc.

    1. Application

    1, medical equipment: for the manufacture of artificial joints, bone plates and other high-precision medical equipment parts;

    2, automobile manufacturing: used to manufacture engine cylinder head, drive shaft, steering, braking system and other complex parts;

    3, electronic manufacturing: can be used to manufacture mobile phones, computers and other electronic products of metal shell, radiator and other components.

    Servo Upside down Special Machine