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This section describes the common types and advantages

  • The Servo Upside down Special Machine(SZ10-151106HV3-14VV) is a machine that can automatically complete various machining operations according to pre-programmed instructions. Process analysis is carried out according to the drawings of machined parts, processing program is written, the machining program is input into the CNC device to complete the trajectory interpolation operation, the movement trajectory of the machine tool actuator is controlled, and the workpiece meeting the requirements of the part drawing is machined. Numerical control system to complete a lot of information storage and processing work, and the information processing results in the form of control signals to the subsequent servo motor, the effect of these control signals rely on two core technologies: one is the interpolation of curves and surfaces, one is the machine tool multi-axis motion control.

    First, common types:

    - CNC lathe: used for rotating workpiece cutting, can achieve turning, boring, tapping and other operations.

    CNC milling machine: used for surface, surface and thread machining on the workpiece, can be vertical milling, vertical milling and other operations.

    CNC grinding machine: used for high-precision grinding of the workpiece, such as surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, etc.

    CNC cutting machine: used for cutting, cutting or engraving of metal and non-metallic materials, such as laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, etc.

    2. Advantages:

    - High precision: Thanks to digital control, higher machining accuracy and stability can be achieved.

    - High efficiency: Automated operation and fast cutting speed enable Servo Upside down Special Machine(SZ10-151106HV3-14VV) to significantly improve production efficiency.

    - Powerful: multi-axis control and multi-function processing can be carried out to achieve more complex processing processes.

    - Good repeatability: through pre-programming, the same processing tasks can be accurately repeated to ensure the stability of product quality.

    - Shorten the processing cycle: the automatic processing of multiple processes can be carried out at the same time, which shortens the entire processing cycle.

    3. Application fields:

    Widely used in various manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics, energy and so on. They are used to process a variety of metal and non-metal materials, such as iron, aluminum, steel, plastics, etc., to produce a variety of parts, molds, tools and other products.

    Servo Upside down Special Machine(SZ10-151106HV3-14VV)