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card game printing wholesale How to reduce color

  • In printing, whether it is album printing, or book and magazine printing, the problem of color difference is always a very headache, especially for box printing. Think about the consequences of a product with two colors of packaging? On the one hand, it will cause huge losses to the merchants of the packaging box customization, but also let the customers lose trust in the packaging box making card game printing wholesale, which leads to the image of the manufacturers in the industry.

    Of course, printing color error is inevitable in the printing industry, but as long as it is within a reasonable range, we call it a reasonable error, mainly:

    1. There is a certain degree of inconsistency in the color before and after the same batch of printed matter; This difference is also an objective existence, printing machinery itself has been difficult to solve the problem. In the printing process of the printing press, ink inking is a dynamic balance process, in the printing process, when the ink on the ink roller is reduced to a certain extent, the printer will automatically ink to compensate. And a certain degree here will directly lead to a batch of printing live parts printed in the front of the finished product and the back of the printed finished product color deviation.

    2, there is a deviation between the color of the printed matter and the proofing; That is, we usually say that we can't catch up with the proofing when printing, and the reasons are such as ink problems, paper problems, and dot restoration problems. For this difference, the printer should try to trace the sample, if the difference is very large, it should inform the customer in time, and the customer will sign the sample in person.

    3, there is a deviation between the color of the product printed in the print and the actual color itself. The difference is actually a matter of psychological expectations. For example, some customers think that the color of the printed product is not completely consistent with the physical product itself, that it damages the company's image, and even affects the company's ordering, and the packaging box customization manufacturers think that the color deviation is acceptable. For this situation, it should be said that this deviation is objective and cannot be entirely attributed to the responsibility of the packaging box customization manufacturer. This is an objective existence of manufacturers can only reduce the error to a minimum, but can not completely avoid.

    Accurately speaking, in the process of packaging box printing, the color of the printed product is impossible to be completely consistent with the proofing, proofing is to find a standard reference, card game printing wholesale should add a line under the printed matter: The color in this print is for reference only, and the color is subject to the actual object to avoid unnecessary disputes.

    In short, card game printing wholesale will strictly check the color difference in the printing process of the packaging box, avoid the color difference as much as possible, and reduce the error to a minimum. Only in this way can we win more customers. It is with this spirit of excellence, we have been recognized by many customers.

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