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What are the features of the cat m1 gps tracker?

  • What are the features of cat m1 gps tracker? Why are more and more people equipping their cars with cat m1 gps tracker? The following Xiaobian will introduce you one by one:

    1, ensure the timely completion of the task of sending vehicles, to prevent the dragging of vehicles.

    2, dynamic display of the vehicle's geographical location, operating status, time information.

    3, effectively prevent the occurrence of private use of buses, pulling private goods and other phenomena.

    4, effective monitoring of vehicle speeding, overloading, beyond the range of driving.

    5, effectively ensure that all types of vehicles can respond quickly and accurately.

    6. Help enterprises to control operating costs and evaluate drivers' performance.

    7, to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle, effective anti-theft, robbery prevention, remote control electric lock car.

    8, effectively monitor operating costs, save tolls, high-speed, fuel costs, reduce enterprise costs.

    9. Historical track playback. Parking time, location, mileage inquiry.

    10, custom rights management, each user name, can set the number of vehicles, functional rights.

    In the process of using the cat m1 gps tracker, it is also necessary to have a supporting positioning platform to display specific information: The following describes the functions of the "attachable" GPS positioning platform:

    \u2605 Location tracking: the real-time location information and driving data information of the vehicle can be immediately seen in their own computers or mobile phone apps. A detailed map of the whole country to the town makes it easier to see where the vehicles are.

    \u2605 Historical track playback: The track points passed by the vehicle can be played back at any time on the computer platform or the electronic map in the mobile APP to reproduce the entire process of the vehicle.

    \u2605 Speed alarm: pre-set the upper limit of the speed, when the vehicle in the process of driving if the actual speed exceeds the specified speed limit, the monitoring software will have a speed alarm.

    \u2605 Robbery function: When the driver encounters a robbery or other emergency, the monitoring center will provide remote assistance, or the alarm will be handled according to the situation.

    \u2605 Anti-theft: No matter where your car is, you can easily find your car in sight.

    \u2605 Dynamic display of vehicle geographical location, operating status, time information.

    \u2605 Ensure the safe operation of vehicles, effective anti-theft, robbery prevention.

    \u2605 Parking time, location, kilometers query.

    \u2605 You can find your car by remotely cutting off fuel and electricity.

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