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What is 4g lte tracker?

  • 4g lte tracker is based on GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellite positioning systems to locate or monitor remote vehicles via SMS or other means. With mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function. To provide users with convenient, fast, scientific software management mode, at the same time in terms of social security also to prevent the occurrence of vehicle theft, robbery and other phenomena, with good economic and social effectiveness, is currently the most popular car owners and group users accepted products.

    4g lte tracker Features:

    1, high positioning accuracy

    2. Satellite positioning

    3, the station does not need to be visible

    4, can provide three-dimensional coordinates

    5, mobile map inspection

    6. Work all day

    7. Electronic fence

    8. Real-time traffic conditions

    9. Driving track playback

    10, intelligent alarm

    11, one-click power off

    4g lte tracker