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Headrest Floating Mat-Ft270

  • Water fun headrest floating mat-ft270 is suitable for use in swimming pools or on water playgrounds, available in colors YBG (yellow/black/green), PWB (pink/white/blue).

    Product Description:

    WaterFun Floating Mat is a great water play equipment.

    \u25cf Enhanced buoyancy ensured by premium 1 3/8" thick 3 ply XPE closed cell foam. Superior tensile strength due to the center tear-stop waffle weave texture layer

    \u25cf High flotation, Sturdy, Durable, Easy to clean, Odorless

    \u25cf FT550 or FT350 is a perfect water play equipment for a boat or yacht ride on the lake or the ocean. Comes with a tether kit (4m long elastic cord with plastic snap hook and grommet).

    \u25cf FT270,FT120,FT90 or FT60 is for use in pools or on small body of water. Patented headrest design by use of hook and loop straps.

    \u25cf Certificate:EN15649 & REACH

    \u25cf Stock color: YBG (yellow/black/green), PWB (pink/white/blue)