Blogs » Technology » Weavit's New App Wants to Be a 'Shazam for Your Thoughts'

Weavit's New App Wants to Be a 'Shazam for Your Thoughts'


    A new app called Weavit wants to be "Shazam for your thoughts," meaning it wants people to have another way to quickly capture their thoughts in a note-taking tool with the press of a button,

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    which will then be matched. to other content In a broader knowledge base, Weavit can now associate your notes with contacts, meetings, topics, and other web links, allowing you to jot down your thoughts and other inspiration.

    without first trying to organize those thoughts in a more structured way.The startup's founder believes that this is similar to how your brain works.Weavit co-founder Komal Narwani explains,

    Every thought we have in our minds. Sometimes completely unstructured. And it doesn't fit with the records we already have. “You just want to throw the thought away. And you want the machine to organize it for you

    so you can display that information next step and keep everything organized.” To use this app You can type or customize your ideas to enter into Weavit's database.