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Jagex is slowly moving to implement your interesting

  • This update would not necessarily make the game more enjoyable, but it will reduce the amount of time required to RS gold complete. As you've said, the gameplay is simple enough. It's just the time it takes. You'll have a better experience if you make it harder but also more efficiently.

    In all honesty, I'm not sure I don't dislike the grind, which Jagex will be releasing with EoC to (hopefully) solve the issue. Personally, I'm fine with EoC or no EoC. I'm just hoping to see them reduce the speed of swifts, spellcasters and goliaths. Everyone who has a cmaul is GF.

    The problem is in how you tackle the problem of grinding. The best way to increase your XP is to have more advanced content. However, it should be instanced to ensure that you don't get smashed to pieces. Similar to Dungeoneering I guess. The high-level content could either a) provide you with food/pots or b) provide you with enough money to purchase food or pots. It's all they need to do is make sure that it's not easily contaminated.

    A fascinating issue with regards to gloves vs. chaotics. The time it takes to acquire gloves or chaotics is different. While I don't know what the balance is however, it's clear that the quests and combat skills require more skill (on an army with strong combat skills, you might be able get to chaotics without the need to utilize combat abilities). It will still take a lot of effort. This could mean that the content is unbalanced. It's also possible that there are more than 90 weapons with even greater requirements. They would have been discussed in the html5 blog.

    A chaotic is still one of the best weapons that you can use, just not the best in show. There's no way to 'go figured' or 'good fighting' unless you're rolling in PvP or PvM circles...but I'm sure many chaotics have this. The process of getting those gloves isn't easy as well, based on what I've heard, though it isn't quite as long as a talent.

    Jagex is slowly moving to implement your interesting suggestion of getting rid competition. You can now have your own hunting area by invoking the DnD moths for hunters. Runespan asks players to work together to locate runespheres. This could be required due to its recent upgrade.

    If I were in the overall strategy for skill development, I would work to establish a system that increased skill-based skills updates. These are the kind of skills that depend more on skill than time. For instance, Agility could be improved so that all courses offer more than the standard route. If you are skilled enough, you could speed up your run in return to cheap OSRS gold a faster rate of xp.