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Like the majority of gamers who are here


    Hello, I've been looking into Runescape as a user on RS gold these forums as well as the RSOF. Two things led me to quit Runescape around one year and a quarter back: Lack of interest in the MMOs (Dragon Nest, etc.) and being distracted by research (still am) or being dissatisfied with RS overall. This last one appears to be what most players are feeling now. But I digress.

    I returned to Runescape and, after logging on, browsed the site, buying an Guthix and Zam set along with my Sara set, using money I had made through Treasure Trails. There are some changes to this section, including single new quests for F2P and Squeal O Fortune (which generated quite a buzz when it was first released and was a huge hit when it first came out) and Titles. Personally I think the SoF is quite lame, seeing that most of the items is for mems that need to be taken, not like they'd put an old statuette (worth 5m) inside the rewards.

    It's time to ask the question "What are we doing right now?" When I was a player, I enjoyed the usual clan warfare between the two clans of the Wildy before they created the Gamers' Grotto, but the majority of clans appear to be ones which require commitment to some other thing.

    It's unlikely that I'll commit to being a clan player in RS. I'm thinking of Guild Wars 2 as my primary game. I would enjoy the ability to sign in and be on the clan on one side however, it's not possible.

    I began this thread to get ways that one person could do to have fun, even if he is not part of a clan. While it may sound absurd, the MMO-tag suggests that you must have others to have fun. But, I don't think that's the case. I can remember going around as a newbie and marveling at how large the world of RS was, but the magic's definitely gone.

    Like the majority of gamers who are here, we're past the point of being able to grind for hours in a single skill. If you value these skills, achievements are enjoyable. But, I was exhausted of advancing my level after I reached 106. For a level +1, it was too to much work.

    While it might not be the most ideal alternative, returning to the game as a nostalgic gamer is possible to some degree. It's likely to be the typical 'If you don't like the game, look for a game that you like and play it~' response, and that's okay. But, I thought it wouldn't be cheap OSRS gold a bad idea to ask for suggestions. Perhaps I'll have a blast.