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  • I'd be content to go dungeoning if it were not for OSRS gold the long duration. Have things changed for the dungeoning experience since 1.5 years ago? I also don't mind pretending that I'm the person I play as in-game (which is clearly male ~.~),) just for the pleasure of chatting with people.

    It is now time to consider the question "What is happening now?" In my younger days, I enjoyed the usual clan warfare between the two clans of Wildy. Prior to the creation of the Gamers Grotto however, the majority of clans seem to be those that require an active commitment.

    I doubt I'll be capable of committing to becoming an active part of a clan on RS. But, Guild Wars 2 and other better options may become my main game. It would be great to be able just to join a clan, and then leave. However I'm not sure if it's possible.

    I started this thread to find ways that one person can do to have some enjoyment regardless of whether he's not part of an extended family. This seems ridiculous because the MMO tag implies that you need to be a part of a group to enjoy. I'm not even certain if this is the case. While I do remember being astonished by how vast the realm of RS was when I first began, the magic is now gone.

    We've all reached a point where we can no longer focus for hours on end in one skill, just as many gamers. Although achievements in skills are great if you enjoy them, I stopped levelling when I reached 106. A +1 in the level is just too to work for.

    It may be a mistake to go back as a nostalgic player. There probably will be the typical 'If you don't like the game, look for a game that you like and play it' reaction, and that's okay. But it didn't hurt me to visit this forum and solicit suggestions. It's never too early to think, you might have some good fun.

    Other information Other information: I'm not likely to get mems soon. I am pretty poor (1k) after having purchased three rare sets of armour, however I enjoy wearing it because of the feeling of pride that I feel. Str is at the 93 mark. Range is 60+, Magic 72, and Str is the most powerful. A lot of food that I bought for clan wars (mostly Tuna but also a lot of lobs that were not cooked), Explorers Ring 4 which includes the option of free food and more.

    I would continue to dunge even if it wasn't for the amount of time required to get rid of the mound. What's changed with dunging over the last 1.5 years? I also wouldn't mind playing as the cheap RS gold gender I am in-game (which is clearly a male) ~.~), just for the fun of chatting to some players.