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These are just averages. About the lowest I can obtain


    The entire set-up will cost around 2-2.5M it is an ideal overall configuration for slaying. Remember to also use some of runescape gold buy that cash to buy super sets (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should be using on ALL your slayer tasks.

    It could appear that you're paying a lot at first but it will speed up your task considerably and is well-worth it, and you will get a profit from your slayer drops/clue scrolls in the end.

    In a training melee context where defense does not matter just the attack and prayer are taken into consideration. In pc it is important to pray in conjunction with the attack. Prayer bonus doesn't impact dps as much as effect the use of the prayer pot if you're doing the prayer in-between of the PC. It's 10 attack versus 4 str. Which is better? I think, in the right circumstance str amy is superior to glory. PC is the instance I've utilized throughout the course of my.

    The Fury appears to be the perfect combination of both because it uses the same attack, but halves the str gap, making it much more viable in all situations. With the added prayer and 15 defenses for all things, it's not surprising that its in the millions.

    There is no such thing as money, and the furies are so unstable that im not very comfortable holding one (even even though i do in the moment) so i'd love to know your thoughts... Do you think? Do you think the glory is always the str ammy? Do you know of other circumstances other than pc where the str ammy may shine?

    Well, I personally cut for around an hour a day, and I was able to get from 80 to 99 within about three months. You'll be playing a lot though, so you'll be cutting between 26-35 days. I'm sorry to say that I don't agree with this at all Although I'm only 91 woodcutting. However, I tried to time myself for an hour without going afk and I got around 77.5k .... according to your table . I could have been able to get 93k. .... Yes, I used a dragon hatchet...

    These are just averages. About the lowest I can obtain, and I'm usually afk, is 60k exp an hour. Then, other hours I've had 103k exp an hour. Ivies average 75k Exp/hr. 80k is pushing it. 3-4 weeks is a reasonable estimate depending on your current speed. If you get bored you are able to do Stealing Creation for Hatchets which provides double performance. For the question about firemaking The average number of buy gp runescape logs burnt each hour amounts to 1000. Therefore, it should require 100 hours or less.