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Disposable paper cup vs disposable plastic cup

    Disposable cups are of high quality and low price, and have always been loved by customers, but their safety has always been controversial.
    Disposable paper cup
    At this stage, the disposable paper cups sold on the market are mainly divided into three types:
    One is made of white board paper, used to hold dry objects, not water and oil.
    The second type is waxed paper cups, which are soaked in wax foam, kraft paper cup wholesale so they are more moisture-proof and strong. But as long as the temperature of the water in the mattress exceeds 40 degrees, the wax will melt, and this type of wax has a carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic path.
    The third type is the paper-plastic cup that is widely used at present, with a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of coated paper on the inside. The raw material of the film is internal high-pressure polyethylene.
    A disposable paper cup that meets safety standards must meet many standards. Disposable paper cup manufacturers pointed out that the first is the sensory index value. There should be no dents or wrinkles on the mouth and bottom of the paper cup. The laminating layer and wax layer should also be symmetrical. The cup body should be cleaned and free of dirt. The design of the paper cup packaging and printing should have clear contours, symmetrical colors, and no obvious pigment spots. Packaging and printing are not allowed within 15mm from the cup body and within 10mm from the cup body. The paper cup is odorless.
    The fading test failed. The key is that product quality problems are caused by ink printing. gift paper bag wholesale In order to reduce product costs, some manufacturing companies use unqualified printing inks to carry out pattern design, packaging and printing. When customers use paper cups, the colored part of the paper cup will touch the sweat of the mouth or hands. The printing inks that do not pass usually contain benzene and xylene, which will endanger their health.
    Disposable plastic cup
    Disposable paper cup manufacturers said that disposable plastic cups have always been criticized by environmental protection personnel, but they basically cover every aspect of everyone's food, clothing, housing and transportation. sauce paper cup wholesale Plastic cups are basically everyone's daily essential utensils.
    Plastic cups should meet certain specifications. Disposable plastic paper cups should also pay attention to additives. Since plastics are often added with tackifiers, there are some harmful compounds in them. In the case of boiling or boiling water in a plastic cup, the harmful compounds are very easy to dilute into the water. And plastic cups are very easy to hide dirt. Therefore, when buying plastic cups, be sure to choose drinking-grade plastic cups that meet the national industry standards.
    Nowadays, everyone is advocating environmental protection, salad paper bowl wholesale so from the perspective of environmental protection, it is best to use disposable paper cups.
    Points to buy disposable paper bowls
    Nowadays, there are all kinds of disposable paper bowls in various colors, and some people are likely to take one at will and leave. popcorn cup wholesale In fact, it is better to be careful when buying disposable paper bowls, not all disposable papers. The bowl is all harmless.
    1. First, we must look at the materials of the disposable paper bowl. Check whether the quality of the disposable paper bowl is meticulous, whether the thickness of each area is symmetrical, and at the same time, whether the materials are the same, the connection is smooth, and there is no other dirt or residue in the middle.
    2. In the case of purchasing disposable paper bowls, you must smell it. kraft food box wholesale Only the disposable paper bowls are odorless. You can take out a box of disposable paper bowls, tear off a little bit, put your nose together, and smell it. Not good disposable paper bowls will have a strong and strong smell, which is uncomfortable.
    3. When purchasing a disposable paper bowl, you must also pinch it to see if the disposable paper bowl is firm and malleable, whether the strength is suitable, and at the same time malleable. If it is fake, it will generally be It is very loose, this type generally does not need to be purchased.
    4. In the case of purchasing disposable paper bowls, you can distinguish the quality of disposable paper bowls by looking at the logo of the disposable paper bowl, the specific location of the manufacturer, and whether it has passed relevant verifications, and you can see the disposable paper under the light source. Whether there are uneven dust particles in the bowl, you don't need to buy it if there are any. The color must also be paid attention to. pla lid wholesale There are many colors of paper bowls. When choosing a disposable paper bowl without color, some additives will be added to the colored disposable paper bowl, which is not safe enough for application.
    6. In fact, the color of the membrane paper bowl is very good. A good disposable paper bowl will feel smooth and clean to the touch and has a certain compressive strength. It is not easy to be loose, and it is very convenient in application.