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About eco friendly food containers

  • About eco friendly food containers

    Any food storage container can be considered environmentally friendly as long as the use of plastic packaging or foil is reduced.paper lid wholesale Plastic packaging or foil tends to be discarded when all the food packaged in it is removed, which creates waste -- much of which does not degrade immediately -- and therefore remains a pollutant for a long time. Containers, on the other hand, can be washed and used repeatedly, and properly made containers can keep food fresh for as long as foil or wrapping lid wholesale There may be some downsides, you can't put these containers in the microwave unless they are specially designed, but this is a minor irritant, not as much waste as using foil and plastic packaging.
    However, the best food storage containers are still glass and stainless steel containers for truly green products, because they can be preserved for years, even from generation to generation, in addition to being made using energy and the earth's resources. Glass is usually microwaveable and easy to clean.wooden coffee stick wholesale It never gets soiled or retains an odor like some plastic containers. Glass containers do need to be handled with care because they are stir sticks wholesale Stainless steel has almost the same properties, except you can't put it in the microwave. It is better than glass, even if accidentally dropped will not break.
    Biodegradable containers
    Food storage containers can now be used made from 100 percent alkaloids, which are unmodified corn starch.bagasse bowl wholesale These are biodegradable and therefore perfectly suited for the earth-friendly label. They also don't have a potentially objectionable wax or plastic lining. They biodegrade in about four months, so even if you throw them in the trash, you can rest easy.
    Similar food containers are made from bagasse.biodegradable lunch trays They can be put into the microwave or refrigerator to preserve food for consumption. Many food companies choose to use these biodegradable products to sell their products, which is a popular choice for takeaway counters.

    In addition, paper is another material used to make such containers. The lining of these containers is made from cornstarch.sugarcane tray wholesale Plastics with additives to make the material biodegradable have also been developed. This time frame is three years, compared with a few months for agri-based materials.