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What are the functions of some classes in TBC Classic?

  • Enhancement Shaman in melee and Hunter groups will become very powerful, so Warlock and other caster groups need to be equipped with one or two Elemental Shaman.

    Although they can provide better damage than in Classic, their biggest role is only to grant Totem to Wrath to Warlocks and Mages.

    Rogue: C

    They took a step back in the first part of TBC, but they were able to provide the second highest damage, just behind WOW TBC Gold the Warriors in Classic.

    Generally speaking, you may use them to optimize the combination, or let him run Improved Expose Armor to improve Hunter damage. But you need to pay attention to them after the release of the Black Temple expansion at the end. Because of the emergence of the legendary Warglaives of Azzinoth, some thieves began to surpass the meter level, so as to upgrade their specialization to B-tier or even A-tier.

    Balance Druid: C–

    Before Balance Druid was one of the worst specializations in the game, now it will be better played in TBC. Now they are Buy TBC Classic Gold worthy of the utilities you provide them to increase their damage.

    Feral Druid: D

    As the income of their "powershifting" is now weakened, their survivability is greatly reduced. In the past, in order to increase their throughput, Druids could tactically transform energy around energy tick. But fixes to the way players gain energy undermine this aspect of power conversion.

    And now Feral Druid tanks can provide some things to become their greatest utility, so they may be used by the guild in large quantities.

    If you are using these powerful classes, you will know that using TBC Classic Gold to upgrade them is indispensable, and only by upgrading them to the highest level possible can they give full play to their absolute advantage. If you are short of TBC Classic Gold, you can go to MMOWTS, where there are a lot of discount TBC Classic Gold waiting for you to buy.