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FIFA 22's Liverpool footballer's debut in the real arena is ama

  • Liverpool forward Diogo Jota left the FIFA 22 competition early. In a real match between him and Southampton, he helped the team score the first goal in just a few minutes of the game. In addition, inspired by FIFA, he showed an impressive celebration.

    On the morning of Saturday, November 27th, Jota participated in a FIFA 22 international qualifier. This was Buy FUT 22 Coins the first time he quit the game to participate in a real game.

    The reason why Jota left early was informed that he was in an opponent scheduled to participate in the FIFA 22 tournament, and his opponent also shared the news via Twitter.

    After Jota arrived in Anfield, he began his training in FIFA. The first ball in the game was kicked by him only 97 seconds FIFA 22 Coins after the start of the game, so a game-related celebration was held on the field.

    Soon after the celebration, Jota again helped the team score a goal, and finally Liverpool won the game 4-0.

    When we browse Jota's own Twitter page again, we can find that he attaches great importance to digital competition. Last month, Jota and Fnatic player Tekkz became the FIFA 22 Challenge Champions, and his team lost only one goal in the entire game.

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