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How to use Sword and shield/War hammer's tank construction in N

  • New World was released in late September. If you have been playing since then, you may have reached the highest level of the game by now. In high-level Expeditions, it is very important to have a tank in your team. As a tank player, the choice of weapons and your upgrade attributes is very important, because it will determine whether your team can successfully perform the mission and whether you have a chance to survive the battle.

    So let's take a look at the effect of one of the tanks in New World to build Sword and shield/War hammer.

    As the second weapon, The War Hammer can provide you with huge damage. Combining it with the Sword and Shield can make your weapon combination more comprehensive and balanced. It can RPG New World Coins cause a lot of damage while keeping you alive. Therefore, you need to focus all attributes on Strength and Consitution.

    Sword and shield is one of the most comprehensive and balanced effective weapons in New World. You can make your character very strong. It can achieve a good balance between crowd control and personal defense, so combining this weapon with other weapons will become very attractive. Unlocking Shield Bash, Defiant Stance and Reverse Stab will be able to New World Coins make better use of this weapon. They can reduce your damage and stun the enemy for a few seconds. At the same time, they can cause special attacks of 175% of weapon damage.

    When you unlock the Shockwave, Armor Breaker, and Path of Destiny of the War Hammer, you will be able to use it as a secondary weapon. They can exert the true power of this weapon while causing huge damage.

    Of course, if you need to use these weapons, you should use New World Coins to upgrade them, so that their potential will be maximized. Although you may not be able to upgrade during the game because the number of New World Coins is not enough, you can buy more New World Coins directly at NewWorldCoins. Their prices are very cheap, and they are very worthwhile for players to try.