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A large number of New World robots are seriously disrupting the

  • Amazon Game Studios’ New World has been plagued by a series of problems since September. The emergence of a large number of advanced agricultural robots has become the latest issue. They are New World Coins stripping the natural world and causing resource prices to plummet.

    Whether it's the official New World forum or the game's subreddit, those robots like some kind of blind colonists have been complained by players. Because they have been mining resources endlessly, such as fish and the like. In addition, other robots are plowing azoth water, leather and other materials, which greatly reduces the price of these materials in the game resources and severely damages the economy of New World.

    Player breezystroo pointed out on the Reddit report that their desire to play New World is being stifled by these robots. They not only occupy all resources, but also "strangle the market for epic materials." Others, like MoxGoat and osrs_turtle, posted photos of robots cooling off at popular fishing spots. The benefit that this phenomenon may bring is that when some robots fail, a large number of items will fall. If a player New World Coins Buy finds it by accident, it will be very lucky. In addition, they will make mining easier.

    Although the trouble caused by these robots to MMORPG is nothing new, it will cause very serious problems when they get out of control. Collecting resources is very important in the game, but there are robots that collect resources 24/7 not only greatly affect the game experience, but also have a very negative impact on the internal economy of the game.

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