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How to trade FIFA 22 card on TikTok

  • If you want to trade with TikTok, you have two options: one is to become a content creator who publishes a video trying to push a certain card, and the other is to become a trend follower by following FIFA 22 Coins TikTok traders and the trends they create.

    It is relatively easier to become a trend follower. Once you have decided which character to become, you need to consider how to get players to spend liquid coins on player cards on the platform. It is great if you own anything with more than 100,000 FUT tokens, and the more the better. Because according to the TikTok trader trend, the original cost of each card is Buy FUT 22 Coins 30,000. When each card becomes extinct, you will be able to earn 10,000 coins. You can use one or two to limit the potential return of each item.

    You can see similar types of videos when you search for FIFA 22 trading tips on TikTok. But it’s actually better to start with a low-priced card. You can try to discover the trend of those 83-84 rating cards that only require a few thousand coins, and then use the profits obtained to invest them in higher-value assets in the future. If you make more money on Ultimate Team, it will be easier for you to use FIFA 22 TikTok as a trader to help you find more valuable cards, allowing you to continue climbing the ladder.

    However, this method is also very risky. Once the price of the card is in a tendency to plunge, it may be a disaster for the player. Therefore, it is very important to cash in when the card leaves the extinction field or is in the phase of price spikes.

    Therefore, when they can be purchased again, so many players will want to get one, this is the best time for you to sell your collection.

    If you want to trade FIFA 22 cards on TikTok, you first need to have a certain cost and a collection card. And UTnice can provide you with these. There are a lot of cheap FIFA 22 Coins for sale. You can buy some there first, and then use these FIFA 22 Coins to create greater profits.