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The new Burning Crusade Classic test system added by Blizzard w

  • This weekend, Blizzard added a test system in Burning Crusade Classic, in which Horde players need to line up on Battlegrounds. If no matching opponent is found, then he will compete with another Horde team, but this time they will They will wear cardboard masks and apply Alliance races on them, instead of suddenly becoming another race like before.

    Now the test is over, but whether Blizzard will add this feature to all servers has not been officially announced, but there are still many players who are dissatisfied with the idea of ​​adding Mercenary Mode to the classic, because the underlying problem has not been solved. In the WoW Classic subreddit last week, 13 of the first 25 posts were complaining about factional imbalances. Therefore, many players are worried TBC Classic Gold that the alliance population, which is already very small on PvP servers, will be further reduced.

    And in this Reddit post, a series of problems in the current solution given by Blizzard are summarized. Although the issue of Horde's queue time can be solved by making the Battlegrounds faction agnostic, it does not fundamentally solve the problem that few players choose to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold play Alliance. Now more and more Alliance players will be attracted by Horde, and it will also bring extremely bad experience to those players who continue to stick to Alliance. Once there are fewer Alliance players on the server, there will also be fewer people in dungeons and raid teams, auction house activities, and PvP.

    Due to the issue of faction imbalance, more and more players will choose Horde, which makes the battle between this faction more intense, so you need to constantly improve your character in the game, only when the character is strong enough When you are high, you will have the upper hand in the battle. But in this process, players need to spend a lot of TBC Classic Gold, if you only rely on the game to obtain, this process will be very slow. However, players can buy them directly in MMOWTS to help you use them in the game in the shortest possible time.