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New World players hope that meteors will always exist in the ga

  • The performance of Amazon Game Studios' New World in the first two days after its launch was not optimistic. This is because there were too many problems that disrupted the game during this period. Both design choices and failures have continued for a while. In addition, New World players have also expressed their views on various problems that have arisen in the game, such as the previous economic collapse and the reduction of active population.

    Finally, in the December patch and the Winter Convergence event for the holiday season, New World began to develop in a good direction. Among them, adding Gleamite Meteor to New World makes players very happy. These trends will appear at night in New World. They are random New World Gold dynamic events. They are like a flashing, burning object flying across the sky. And at some point, the meteor will decompose and scatter into a kind of iridescent crystal Gleamite Chunks from space, players can collect them to get extra Winter tokens, and use them to get more holiday loot.

    In the New World's Winter Convergence event, Winter tokens are very important objects. You can redeem them at the Winter Village Holiday Huts, and they may disappear at the end of the event. But a Reddit user named TeenyTinyWyvern posted a post and wanted the meteor to stay, and it gained a lot of attention in the community. Players suggest that the meteor drop the Starmetal node after the event is over, because it can New World Coins provide an interesting event in the game, and his existence is thematically meaningful, and it is also very helpful for agriculture.

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