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What is the ranking system in WoW Classic?

  • In World of Warcraft: Classic, climbing to the top of the PvP ladder is the ultimate goal of all WOW professional players, and it is also one of the notorious features of the game. If you want to get a high ranking, you need to make thousands of honor kills. If you want to maintain a high ranking, then you need to be prepared for a huge amount of PvP in WoW Classic.

    But if you want to climb to the top, you will have many levels to pass. Among them, 60,000 Honor is a mark that is very difficult to reach. If players want to reach this WoW Classic’s highest PvP rank, then you need to spend countless hours on the battlefield in the game to complete various honor kills. In addition, WoW Classic has an inherent level decay mechanism that makes it extremely difficult for players to climb to rank 14. And every week, the game will increase the Honor by 20% based on the Honor you got in the previous week. Therefore, if you want to surpass the game's ranking decay, you need to calculate 20% of the total honor each time and you need to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold get the honor of this value again.

    It should be noted that when you repeatedly kill enemy players, the honor points you get will decrease. So in order to maximize your Honor, you need to make sure you face diverse players.

    In general, the ranking system of WOW Classic is different from the traditional ranking system. In the traditional ranking system, the progress WOW TBC Gold of each player is accumulated and stacked like a ladder. In WOW Classic, not only the ranking will be reset every week, but you also need to calculate the average of the previous week's ranking, and then compare it with all players on the server.

    Although getting a high ranking is a arduous process, it still can't stop the players from gaining this honor. If you want to improve your strength more quickly and make your ranking better, then a large amount of TBC Classic Gold is essential. MMOWTS is selling a lot of cheap TBC Classic Gold, if you need it, you can go to them.