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Fishing pole selection guide in New World

  • Baited is a quest of New World. If you want to open this quest, you need to find an NPC named Dena Ruby near the Stolen Shores and talk to him. The main goal of this quest is to require the player to capture two different aquatic creatures, and one of them is Snails.

    To catch Snails in New World, you first need to prepare some supplies. And first of all you need to have the most important item New World fishing pole. There are no too many requirements on the choice of fishing pole, even the simplest fishing pole can be done, whether you make one yourself or buy one from the Trading Post. However, different fishing poles have different additional functions. Next, let's take a look at what are the fishing poles of New World?

      Wooden Fishing Pole: It has a casting range of 40 feet and is the lowest pole. It is made of green wood and hemp fiber, but it is also one of the tools for more complex constructions.

      Treated Wood Fishing Pole: It has a casting distance of 45 feet. You New World Coins need to use more advanced crafting materials like lumber, course leather and linen and some engineering skills to make it.

      Aged Wood Fishing Pole: It has a cast range of 52 feet and can increase the player's chance of catching rare fish by 75%.

      Wyrdwood Fishing Pole: It has a cast range of 60 feet. Wyrdword, a material unique to Aeternum, is the main ingredient for making it. When you use it to fish, there will be a 100% probability of catching unusual or better fish.

      Ironwood Fishing Pole: It has a cast range of 65 feet. It is made of durable iron wood and will keep players from getting an New World Coins Buy unusual or better fish.

    There are many kinds of fishing poles in New World. If you want to get rare fish, you need to make or buy better fishing poles. But often these fishing poles are very expensive and require players to spend a lot of New World Coins. This is a huge problem for those who are not wealthy in the first place, so they are often forced to give up getting those good fishing poles. Thoughts. But if you really want a good fishing pole, NewWorldCoins can help you. They have a large number of New World Coins on sale, and the price is cheap. If you want to realize your wish, you can go there for help.