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There are various new items waiting for you to collect in the W

  • World of Warcraft has started the annual Winter Veil event, and all areas of Azeroth are celebrating this grand festival. The Feast of Winter Veil is one of the most important events in World of Warcraft. Players can collect various items in this event.

    Although there will be no Winter Veil toys from previous years under Greatfather Winter’s tree this year, you can still get them through the Stolen Present. To get the reward of the Stolen Present, you first need to complete the "You’re a Mean One" daily quest, in which you need to kill the "Greench" and release Metzen the Reindeer of the Hillsbrad Foothills. During the Winter Veil event, you can repeat this quest every day, and the Stolen Present rewards received by players may include toys from the Winter Veil celebrations in the past few years. And there may be more WOW TBC Gold rare Winter Veil rewards appearing in the Stolen Present, including battle pets, Battle Pets, Weapon Illusions, and the Miniature Winter Veil Tree with epic-quality Dagger appearance.

    In addition, you can find Holiday Hats that can transform costumes at the bosses in the dungeons all over Azeroth. In addition to the standard green and red varieties, you can also find other Holiday Hats with updated models, and these models can be found in the newer dungeon bosses. A carefully tailored Holiday Hats you may get from several bosses in the dungeon of the Legion and Battle for Azeroth expansions, while WOW TBC Classic Gold other older dungeons will only drop a standard Winter Hat. In addition, if you want to get matching winter robes and shoes, you can go to Winter Veil vendors, Carefully Wrapped Presents, or the Auction House.

    In the Feast of Winter Veil this year, players can not only get new items but also collect past event items. But if you want to obtain these items, you first need to complete the related quests. In these quests, if you don't have enough strength, you can't defeat the boss. MMOWTS is a professional seller of TBC Classic Gold. If you want to pass the quest faster, their TBC Classic Gold can help you.