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Using Powerpass can help you upgrade your characters in Lost Ar

  • Lost Ark is in closed beta between November 4th and November 11th. Because the game time is very short, in order to help players upgrade their characters, Smilegate and Amazon have introduced a new method: Powerpass.

    The Powerpass is explained on the official Steam page: “Due to the short test time, Powerpass is provided to adventurers in the internal test. It can help alt players upgrade quickly so that they can try more levels of content. When players complete North Vern’s For Main Quest (Ealyn's Gift), a single Vern Powerpass Token will be sent to the player's account by email, and each account will only receive one Powerpass. After using the Powerpass on a substitute character, the adventurer's journey can start immediately. This feature It is a story told by Beatrice, and compresses the 10-50 level clips of the alt character. It will guide you to use only your class and understand his basic knowledge and progress, so that you can use the character to re-experience more quickly Game. After you complete the Adventurers Path quest chain, your character will be equipped with equipment suitable for Vern content."

    Powerpass allows your main tier to reach level 50 and quickly upgrade your other tier to level 50. This allows you to try more tiers during the limited closed beta period.

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