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Some things you need to know about fishing in New World

  • New World’s fishing skills are different from most other RPG games. The characters do not need to be trained from a certain NPC, nor do they need to reach a certain level to obtain them. This is also a concealed method for realism to occasionally sneak into the New World mechanism.

    Anytime, as long as you want to start fishing, you can, and many players do nothing except fishing in order to New World Coins get their character's outfit. Because this is an easy, fun, relaxing and profitable activity.

    In many open world games, players often need to reach a designated location if they want to fish, but in New World there are no such restrictions. However, some places are more suitable for fishing than others.

    The range of water varies from deep to shallow, and players can have a certain understanding of the terrain here based on the fishing line on the fishing rod. You can find some very useful marine life in different environments. For example, you can find Clams in shallow water.

    In addition, the game will also provide players with instructions on how to fish as soon as they get close enough to Buy New World Coins the water, even though this process may seem idiotic. In fact, you only need to press F3 to equip the pole, and several other options will appear.

    You can choose to release it here immediately, or you can choose to spend some time preparing some bait, depending on the character's fishing level and their location. You can use the left mouse button to project, but be careful not to break the fishing line. In order to solve this problem, a spool will appear on the screen. If the tension of the rope is too high, it will be displayed in red or orange.

    In general, fishing is a very useful skill in New World, allowing you to obtain a lot of materials needed in the game. If you want a greater chance of getting better things in the fishing process, then you can choose to buy a high-quality fishing rod. Of course, the better fishing rod requires more New World Coins. If your New World Coins are insufficient, you can go to NewWorldCoins, where there are sufficient New World Coins for sale, which can fully meet your needs.