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How to find Black Lotus in WoW: Classic

  • WoW: Classic Season of Mastery has started. To win the battle, you need to collect more crafting materials in the game. And an advanced herbal medicine called Black Lotus is one of the most valuable reagents in WoW: Classic.

    The main reason why Black Lotus has become one of the most valuable herbs in WoW: Classic is that it is very important in advanced production formulas, and secondly it is also very rare. Black Lotus can only be seen when the player has 300 herbalism skills, which makes it very difficult to obtain it.

    Generally herbalists and alchemists need Black Lotus very much. Not only can you buy it in the auction house at a high price, but you can TBC Classic Gold also farm it in some advanced areas in the game. But Black Lotus is one of the most difficult herbs to cultivate because it appears in fewer areas than ordinary herbs. In fact, you can only find it in the four regions of Azeroth: Winterspring, Silithus, the Burning Steppes and the Eastern Plaguelands.

    Black Lotus is a plant that grows on the ground with bright green stems and the color of the flowers is dark red or black. You can Buy TBC Classic Gold collect it only when you have 300 herbalism skill points.

    In the Season of Mastery, Blizzard increased the generation rate of Black Lotus, but compared to other herbs, it is still very difficult to find in the game. Although Black Lotus can also be dropped from the advanced herbal node, it is also very difficult to find it. And the rebirth timer of the Black Lotus node is very long, about an hour.

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