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How to get pets in Lost Ark

  • Pets are one of the things that can maximize your quality of life in Lost Ark. They will follow you throughout the game, helping you to automatically pick up any loot that falls on the ground. Plus, they'll be able to access your storage remotely, send mail from anywhere, and also give you small combat buffs. So how do you get a pet in the game?

    There are three ways to get a pet in Lost Ark: early game quests, in-game events, and Lost Ark's cash shop. In addition, there will be an exclusive pet in the Founder Packs, which is not included in the three methods since this is not a common method.

    All players can get an Epic-quality pet for free by completing the "[Guide] Learning About Pets" quest. First you need to go to the Working Achatemeow NPC located in the center of Prideholme to start the quest. It's a simple tutorial on how pets can automatically loot. If you missed this quest, you can get a walking egg pet by completing the guide quest unlocked at level 50.

    Once you have a pet, you can press "Alt + P" to open the pet menu, then use this menu to summon any pets you have, and after you activate the crystal aura, they will not only automatically loot nearby items, but also Brings you extra buffs.

    Of course, if you don't like the pet rabbit in the initial quest, you can also buy it in the cash shop, or complete the limited-time event to get other pets. If you choose to buy pets, you will need to spend Lost Ark's premium currency, Royal Crystal.

    Pets are every player's best partner in Lost Ark, and they can bring a lot of benefits and convenience to players. In addition, players need to constantly improve their strength in the game, because only players with strong strength can win various battles in the game. But in the process, you need to spend a lot of Lost Ark Gold, if the Lost Ark Gold is insufficient, your upgrade will be stagnant. And at Lost Ark Gold is on sale 24 hours a day, so you can get it there whenever you need it.