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Various bugs have been fixed in WoW Patch 9.1.5

  • Patch 9.1.5, World of Warcraft's first major update in nearly four months, introduced numerous gameplay and quality-of-life changes to the grim underworld of the Shadowlands on November 2. Most of the changes are very good and well-liked by the community, but some are not what players think.

    In this update, a bug that players encountered after defeating a boss was fixed by Blizzard. Skills like Paladin's Blessing of Sacrifice and Warrior's Die by the Sword and Enraged Regeneration with cooldowns of Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold two minutes or longer reset after ending a boss encounter and reverse time, making it easier than ever to wipe. more trouble.

    Additionally, abilities like Necrolord's Fleshcraft and Night Fae's Convoke the Spirits were fixed, and several other racial abilities with cooldowns longer than two minutes were quickly fixed. Also fixed an issue where the Shadowblade would continue to attack enemies after being affected by crowd control.

    In terms of items and rewards, a series of changes and fixes have also been made. The stack of Queen's Conservatory catalysts has been WOW TBC Gold increased from 20 to 200; players can once again loot the Forgotten Feather in Korthia; and issues where players can use the Gateway Control Shard under certain effects such as stuns without breaking the character's stealth have also been fixed.

    Many bugs that appeared in Patch 9.1.5 have been fixed to allow players to experience the game better. As a classic RPG, the strength of the game character is very important, and it takes a lot of TBC Classic Gold. If you need TBC Classic Gold while playing, head over to MMOWTS. They will continue to supply TBC Classic Gold every day to help every player level up quickly.