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How to Level Up and Awaken Your Cards in Lost Ark

  • Lost Ark's closed beta has begun rolling out to Western players, where players will be able to experience various classes and skills, as well as some of Lost Ark's leveling and endgame features. When you reach the level cap, you spend most of your time acquiring equipment, and those equipment and cards can greatly enhance your character's abilities.

    Cards are easy to overlook in Lost Ark's gear endgame. When you create a deck of cards, it provides everything from minor stats to full damage conversion. So how can you level up and awaken cards?

    Each of the cards you can equip has five levels. And this level is also known as the Awakening Level of the card. The value of a particular Card Set increases as you level up the cards. And when your deck level exceeds a certain threshold, you'll unlock additional set bonuses. To be able to get the most out of your deck. You should level up or "Awaken" each of your cards to the highest level.

    You need to upgrade your cards through the Enhance submenu in the Card Deck interface. During this time you need to complete two steps:

    1. Input card XP or duplicate cards to increase its XP gauge, so as to achieve the effect of upgrading.
    2. When the XP gauge of the card reaches the maximum value, in order to fully upgrade it, you need to feed a copy of the same card to achieve the effect of awakening.

    Since you need a copy of the same card to wake it up, sticking with the XP card in the first step will be very helpful. It is similar to your character level, the higher the Awakening Level, the higher the card's XP threshold.

    Each Awakening Level requires the following duplicate cards:

        Awakening Level 1: One duplicate
        Awakening Level 2: Two duplicates
        Awakening Level 3: Three duplicates
        Awakening Level 4: Fourduplicates
        Awakening Level 5: Five duplicates

    There are five XP cards in Lost Ark, they are: Uncommon Starflower (gain 500XP), Rare Ardopine Bottle (gain 1,500XP), Epic Debris of Time (gain 3000XP), and Legendary's Rune Liar Tome (gain 9000XP) ).

    In short, the upgrade of cards in the game is still relatively complicated. In addition, having a lot of Lost Ark Gold can also help players to upgrade faster and improve their strength. is selling discounted Lost Ark Gold, once the player is short of Lost Ark Gold, choosing to buy there will be able to save a lot of money. 


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