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Which quests will you complete in Shadowmoon Valley in the attu

  • One of the most iconic raids in World of Warcraft's expansive history, the Black Temple was first released about 15 years ago, and now it's coming to The Burning Crusade Classic. However, if you want to enter the fortress of Illidan Stormrage, you first need to complete a long attunement chain to enter the Black Temple. First of all you need to know that your Black Temple attunement journey starts from Shadowmoon Valley, you must complete a series of quests to start the necessary attunement chain, so which quests will you encounter?

    The first quest you receive is "Tablets of Baa'ri", which can start at the Altar of Sha'tar or the Sanctum of the Stars, depending on whether you are allied with the Aldor or the Scryers.

    After completing a series of quests in the Baa'ri Ruins, you will be asked to collect four fragments of a Medallion of Karabor. And these four fragments you need to get from four specific Ashtongue Corruptors: Eykenen, Haalum, Lakaan and Uylaru. If you want to TBC Classic Gold collect the four pieces more conveniently, you can follow the route from north to south at the midsection of Shadowmoon Valley.

    Then you need to go to the Warden's Cage, where you will be asked by a member of the Ashtongue Deathsworn to kill a shaman named Zandras. After you've completed your allegiance to the Deathsworn, you'll be scheduled to meet Akama, a quest giver you know very well.

    You'll learn from Akama that the medallion fragments you've collected are replicas, and the location of the last piece is Burning Crusade Classic Gold known only to Udalo, the Prophet of Arcatraz. So next you will be sent to the Arcatraz dungeon to find the Prophet.

    These are all the quests in Shadowmoon Valley in the attunement chain before heading to the Black Temple. While that's not much, the fight against the four specific Ashtongue Corruptors is quite challenging. Therefore, you need to prepare your character well before the battle. MMOWTS are selling a lot of TBC Classic Gold at low prices, and these TBC Classic Gold can go a long way to quickly boost your character's strength. You can go there if you need it.