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Lost Ark is about to be released, are you ready?

  • The very interesting ARPG Lost Ark was released in Korea in 2018, while Europe and Weekly will get Western localization and servers next month. Details on when the preload will be available and where the servers will be ahead of the February 11 launch have been revealed by Smilegate, one of the Lost Ark developers.

     Smilegate and Amazon have officially announced that they will officially release the official free game on Friday, February 11 at 9 am PT. If you buy the Founder's Pack before then, you'll have an early access to the game for three days until February 8th. And the day before Monday, February 7 at 9 am PT, you can start preloading. Additionally, players can choose from a variety of new servers to log in on launch day: two in South America, nine in Europe, and ten in the US.

    Smilegate also mentions in its breakdown that character names won't be reserved until playtime. To keep and claim your name, you can only do so by completing character customization after starting the game.

    This seems plausible, based on previous issues with players in Black Desert Online having been stuck with character creation for hours on their first day of play. Thankfully, however, the customization waters will be tested in a beta version of Lost Ark last November.

    Plus, starting February 7, you can download Lost Ark on Steam for free.

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