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Introduction to Paladin Skills in Lost Ark

  • In Lost Ark, support Paladin has a lot of Holy skills to bring benefits to allies. In order to better deal with the current events, you can switch some skills at will according to the actual situation, and the following skills are applicable to all the games in the game content.
    Charge: Charge forward 6 meters while stabbing the enemy with the sword.

    Executor's Sword: Swipe your sword quickly, throwing enemies into the air on a counter-attack, you can use this skill again for a downward slash attack.

    Holy Sword: Attacks the enemy with your sword and fires a wave of light from the sword to deal extra damage.

    Light's Shock: Unleash a shockwave of light that deals damage.

    Godsent Law: Summons a magical aura that damages enemies within range for 2 seconds.

    Holy Protection: Can provide a percentage of maximum health shield to all team members within 24 meters for 6 seconds

    Wrath of God: Summons an energy of sacred thunder that deals damage to nearby enemies.

    Heavenly Blessing: Summons a Summon a Solar Guardian that deals damage to nearby enemies. And all allies within 24 meters will be blessed by The guardian, allowing them to reduce damage for 8 seconds.

    Alithane's Judgment: Jump up and release a beam of holy light at the target location, providing a shield of 80% of maximum health for 10 seconds to all allies within 24 meters upon landing, and dealing damage to enemies within the range.

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