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What can players do with Silk and Infused Silk in New World

  • Players preparing to play New World need to know that each refining and crafting skill is related to some other skill, so players need to upgrade each set of skills in order to make the best product. When players reach the fourth and fifth layers of the refining system in this game, they need Silk and Infused Silk materials when making items, and these materials can be made by players at specific refining stations with their own hands , can also be obtained by looting or buying.

    So what to do with Silk and Infused Silk? While not all armor will use cloth, most of the lighter armor will use cloth. In crafting recipes, the fabric is most used in Leather apparel. If players don't want to participate in any Weaving, then they can choose to buy a ton of Silk or Infused Silk directly from players with more resources in the market.

    Where can Silk and Infused Silk be used? Armoring is normally available in a settlement's forge. In the menu, players can New World Coins view the crafting materials required for specific items when interacting with the Forge. The most gratifying thing is that players can know exactly what specific equipment needs are in the game, and if you are an aspiring armorer, you can plan accordingly for those equipment.

    When you have a lot of Silk and Infused Silk, you can sell them to other players, but unfortunately, these items are very cheap on the market. Since the level required to craft these materials is very low, their value is not very high. If a large number of Weaving players fill the market with these materials, their prices will drop further. Still, you can try to New World Gold sell some Silk and Infused Silk so you can get some coins.

    Although making Silk and Infused Silk is not terribly difficult, the high demand makes the process quite boring. So those players who don't like Weaving will use some New World Coins to buy some outright. If you are short of New World Coins, you can go to NewWorldCoins, they will prepare a lot of New World Coins for every player, and the price is very affordable, it is worth your try!