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Over a million concurrent players 24 hours after Lost Ark launc

  • 24 hours after Lost Ark was released, it easily surpassed 100 concurrent players, making it the second most played game in Steam history. Just yesterday, Lost Ark, a collaboration between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG, launched in the West, with the Diablo-like MMO localized, translated, and available in English. It currently surpasses the simultaneous record of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which previously held the top spot on Steam's most popular games chart.

    Lost Ark is so popular right now that server issues follow and there's a queue to start playing. Lost Ark's concurrent player count of 1,311,842 listed on SteamDB has surpassed CS:GO's 1,308,963 and Dota 2's 1,295,114 player records. However, we have no way of knowing how many of these players are actually not waiting in the server queue but actively playing the game.

    Either way, though, it's still in second place after PUBG on the top concurrent list. With PUBG's all-time peak player count of 3,257,248, it may take a long time to beat it. Just four months ago, New World set a concurrent record of 913,634 players, and now Lost Ark is Amazon Games' second hit.
    Lost Ark was first released in Korea in 2019 and has millions of active players in Korea, Russia and Japan. As a free-to-play game, it quickly reached the top of Twitch's charts and surpassed the popular Just Chatting category.

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