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How War in New World Works

  • In New World, as players develop their Towns and Companies, they are more likely to seek resources from other factions.

    Wars in New World can happen at any time, so players need to build defenses, craft weapons, and prepare for those wars in advance. Players can join factions and build their own companies in the game, and then they can fight with others to obtain the resources they need. But to be New World Coins victorious in a battle with your neighbors, you need to prepare a few things in advance.

    To control other territories on the map, Companies must declare war on other conflict areas. To increase their influence, rival factions will complete PvP missions in the region, which will bring a region into conflict. Once the two factions are ready to go to war, each faction will use a systematic lottery to select a company as the vanguard. The odds of a company being selected are based on how active they are in a certain field. The Governor of the Vanguard Company can then choose 50 players to New World Coins Buy engage opposing factions in New World PVP battles.

    The War will take place at a time chosen by the Defense Company. There are two ways to end this war, one is that the defenders need to successfully defend their forts, and the other is that the attackers must overtake the forts. In order to be able to break through defensive structures on Forts, attackers can build siege weapons like Ballistas and Repeater Turrets. At the start of a war, players are given Battle Tokens, which can be used to buy offensive materials for the war. Defense structures are built and upgraded through New World's town projects.

    For players who want to improve their personal strength, they need to spend New World Coins to buy a variety of sophisticated items and equipment. But the acquisition of these New World Coins in the game is very slow. If you want to get a lot of New World Coins faster, you can go to NewWorldCoins to see them. They will sell a lot of cheap New World Coins in their store. You only need to Place your order and receive it within fifteen minutes.