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Will the 4g car gps tracker consume power when the car is not i

  • Nowadays, car owners basically install and locate their cars, one for positioning, and the other for preventing theft. For my favorite car, sometimes more than one locator is installed. When the car is not in use, will the 4g car gps tracker consume power? This is what I want to talk to you today. We will use 3 below. Type description;

    Car: The wired 4g car gps tracker must be connected to the car power supply due to wiring. Wired equipment will always work as long as it is powered on, so it will consume the power of the car. If the car owner parks for more than a week and does not drive, then a large amount of battery power may be consumed at this time, resulting in damage to the car battery. If the user is worried that the 4g car gps tracker battery is not durable, then the wired 4g car gps tracker can be used to work with the car power; if the user does not need real-time positioning, but is worried about damaging the car battery, you can replace the device with a wireless 4g car gps tracker, or directly ask the installer to help modify the line so that the equipment is not used when the vehicle is parked.

    Automobile: Regarding automobiles, we will divide the locator into a wired locator and a wireless locator for discussion, and everyone will understand it more clearly. The wireless 4g car gps tracker has an independent built-in battery and does not rely on the power of the car to work, so it does not consume car power. The wireless device itself is also in a dormant state most of the time. When the positioner is sleeping, the positioner is not powered. Of course, assuming that the user must perform certain remote function operations on the wireless device when the car is parked, the 4g car gps tracker itself naturally needs to consume some power, but it is a normal phenomenon.

    Motor sports: When the wiring type locator needs to be connected to the car battery, it will consume the electricity in the car battery. If the vehicle-mounted 4g car gps tracker is used improperly or installed incorrectly, it will consume more power in the battery. However, the wireless type locator does not need to be wired, so it will not affect the external components, at most it only consumes the power of its own battery. So users don’t need to worry too much about power consumption, just use it normally.