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How to use remote gps tracker's electronic fence?

  • Nowadays, remote gps tracker is widely used by organizations that implement bus management, such as loan companies, machinery and equipment manufacturers and sellers, school buses that take students to and from school, and buses. This type of fleet has high demands on real-time location information of the car. The remote gps tracker makes car management more and more intelligent with the help of its powerful location information collection and processing functions. Here, I will tell you about the function of the remote gps tracker's electronic fence in detail.

    The electronic fence is to use the GPS positioning background management system to arrange a range of use and establish a fenced warning area. In Conques' real-time positioning platform, this area can be set to regular shapes, such as circles and squares; it can also be set to other irregular shapes. When the target vehicle enters or leaves the area, the background management system will receive a warning message. The manager can locate the vehicle in real time and implement the next disposal operation.

    The purpose of this function is to prevent illegal operation of the vehicle. For example, for loan vehicles, some car owners or related staff will resell the vehicles or the goods on the vehicles privately. The place where this kind of transaction is carried out is generally fixed or within a certain range. The car management personnel can identify an area where this is likely to be traded. If an alarm message occurs in the background management system, it means that the vehicle has entered this area illegally, which means that the driver of the vehicle has a privately sold vehicle. or the possibility of a commodity. And the positioning background management system can also record the time when the vehicle enters and leaves the area and the length of time it stays in the area.

    Of course, this function is not only for anti-theft. In the management of freight logistics buses, electronic fences can be used to review the work of vehicles. Generally, freight logistics vehicles will not only be transported at two locations, starting and ending points, and there will be many transfer stations in between. Freight logistics vehicle managers can use the electronic fence to determine when a vehicle arrives at the transfer station, and how long it stays at the transfer station, and can also use this as the estimated arrival time of the goods.

    The above mentioned is the application on the vehicle, the function of the remote gps tracker electronic fence can also be used for the management and control work in other fields. such as animal husbandry.

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