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How to activate and use cat m1

  • How to activate cat m1 has been a topic often talked about, but in view of many people who use the locator for the first time do not know it, today Xiaobian specially arranged the GPS positioning activation methods and steps, hoping to be of some help to you.

    First, GPS positioning terminal is divided into: wiring and free installation

    The two locators are also installed in slightly different ways. Wired positioners need to be connected to the vehicle's power supply to make it work properly. However, with no installation, full charge can usually be determined based on the positioner's battery size, standby time and days of use.

    2. The activation mode of GPS positioning terminal is as follows

    1. Install a SIM card on the locator.

    2, the locator is fully charged or connected to the power line, so that the locator has power to start.

    3. If the vehicle or locator is removed from the outside for a certain period of time, the locator can be activated and used.

    3. The procedure for installing a SIM card in the locator is as follows

    1. Open the rear cover of the locator or plug the SIM card slot of the locator.

    2. Insert the SIM card correctly according to the card picture on the locator.

    3, close the back cover or slot plug.

    Four, positioner power operation method

    1, connection locator: if you know electricity, you can install yourself. In fact, once you find the positive and negative terminals of your car's power supply, the negative terminal is easy to find. The negative terminal is where the body is wired, and the positive terminal was found in the safe. Find the car key switch near or directly connected to the battery; You can also ask relevant technicians to install it.

    Note: It is best to connect the constant electricity, not affected by the car button switch, directly lead from the car battery power line; The locator has a light pointed at the sky, which is not close to the metal blocking the internal GPS antenna. It also receives satellite signals from 20,000 kilometers away.

    2, free installation of positioner: the charging line of the positioner is connected with the positioner, charging begins, when the positioner is fully charged, the charging light of the positioner will change color, or stop flashing.

    Note: Different types of car locator charging indicators are displayed in different ways and can be operated according to different types of locator manuals.

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