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temperature tracking device which is good

  • When we go to buy the temperature tracking device, I'm sure the waiter will introduce you to various brands of GPS positioning brands. Until you are satisfied. Have you had questions along the way: Would it be better to have so many GPS locator brands now? There are wired GPS devices and wireless GPS devices. Is this what I'm supposed to do?

    Which GPS locator brand is good?

    In fact, we think you still need to understand the underlying conditions that affect GPS positioning before you can clearly understand the differences between the various brands of GPS positioning devices.

    1. GPS antenna

    gps antenna is a medium used to receive signals from gps satellites. This gps antenna is as important as the gpr antenna in the whole gps device. Imagine the phone being used as a "brick" when the gprs antenna is broken or of poor quality. But some brands save money by simply using a copper wire instead of a gps antenna. That kind of mass can cause gps locators to go offline or not receive satellite signals.

    2.GSM/GPRS chip

    This GSM/GPRS chip is also important, this is the Internet service that receives and transmits location data, it has an important "role" in the GPS device, we know that the GPS satellite only downloads but has no upload function, so we want to know where the device is, or by passing it to a designated server, which decodes the data, The data is decoded by the server; Finally, the location information of GPS devices can be checked by us in mobile phones and computers.

    3. GPS module

    The simplicity of a GPS module is that it is identical to a computer system. The effect is that the information it stores itself gives it instructions on how to operate. Chip means its hardware, such as CPU. A chipset means connecting all CPU hardware that affects CPU performance. The quality of GPS module affects the performance, startup speed, data processing and recognition speed of the whole GPS system. These core things are a second apart.

    Wireless gps locator and wired gps locator how to choose?

    First let's talk about wired GPS devices. As the name suggests, this in-car GPS locator needs to be connected to the car's power supply to function properly, so knowledge of the car's circuitry is involved. But don't worry, friends. If they don't install it, they can go to a 4s shop or repair center to install it.

    For wireless GPS positioning equipment, installation is simple, no need to connect the car power supply, as long as the novice can be in a hidden position can directly use. Don't worry too much about back-up, which is usually a three-year back-up. However, this is only within normal usage (typically, wireless car gps systems repair 1 to 3 uploads per day, and the locator will go to sleep)! If you are not lucky enough to have a car stolen, it takes a long time to locate the car, which makes the battery life even shorter!

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