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How do I determine if a car has a car locator device?

  • car locator devices are now widely used, especially in the car rental market. car owners are worried that their cars will drive to unknown places, so they often install a car locator device on their cars. People who rent cars do not want their whereabouts to be monitored every day. How can we determine whether a car locator device is installed on the car after renting a car?

    To determine the car locator device on a car, you need to know the type of the car locator device. Currently, there are two car locator devices on the market. The wireless car locator device basically consists of a built-in battery and a strong magnet or magic patch. It is easy to install and can be used anywhere on the body shell. The disadvantage is that the battery is limited and needs to be recharged. Another wired vehicle car locator device connects the locator directly to the vehicle power supply to provide permanent power. The disadvantage is that the installation is a little troublesome, only to have a certain understanding of the vehicle circuit to install.

    Currently, car locator device detectors are mainly used to detect wireless vehicle car locator devices. It can only signal when it encounters a magnet. It is relatively limited. If the thickness is large, the detection effect is not very obvious. If the car locator device is wired, the detection is also unsatisfactory.

    We can use the radio to detect the car locator device and tune the radio to a clear channel. If the radio is near the car locator device, it will make some harsh noises. When the car locator device works, it has instructions. Instead of working all the time and signaling, it manually sets the working time. Usually, the location information is sent every several tens of seconds or minutes. The frequency ranges from 900mhz to 1800mhz, which is the signal frequency of the mobile phone.

    The above section describes how to determine whether your car is equipped with a car locator device. I hope it will help you. In addition, we can also go to a professional detection agency to scan the car locator device, which will solve our travel problems.

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