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Game director’s opinion on the release of New World

  • Game director Scot Lane discussed the turbulent beginnings of MMO. New World was released over two months ago. It set a ridiculously high number of concurrent players, peaking at 913,000. Many players like it very much and have prepared enough New World Gold in advance. However, the first few weeks of the game were not all smooth sailing. The post-release patch fixed some issues, but introduced several bugs and vulnerabilities to the game, requiring rapid intervention and downtime. Sometimes, emergency solutions such as disabling transactions and rolling back the server are also needed.

    Since its launch, the game’s active player base has dropped sharply, but as Amazon Games has responded to these unforeseen issues and player feedback, the team has also focused on adding new content and expanding the world of MMO. The first major update after the release, Into The Void, has landed in mid-November, and there are more plans in the coming months, including the New World Winter Festival. Players can buy New World Gold to experience more game fun.

    After the update of Into The Void, New World game director Scot Lane expressed his views on the game release and more in an interview. When asked about the team’s experience after it released the game, they said it was a learning experience. New World’s response, which resulted in a much larger scale than they were in alpha or public beta, which also exposed some problems, humbled them.

    But they understand the importance of quick response, and they have been working hard to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Earlier, they were so focused on solving problems they did not communicate well with players. This is something they have put in a lot of effort to correct and will continue to pay attention. But everything is to improve the game experience of the players. They are trying their best to allow players to enjoy more gaming fun and experience a better gaming experience while buying Cheap New World Coins.