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What is New World Hope Storage Chest?

  • Following the hot start of New World a few months ago, Amazon survived a series of problems such as population decline and economic problems. Besides many updates and server consolidation to help balance the population, Amazon also released the Into The Void update, which adds a lot of fixes and other content, such as the new Void Gauntlet weapon. This series of updates made the players hooked, but it also put a lot of pressure on the players’ storage space. Therefore, New World players who need more storage space will want to get Hope Storage Chest.

    Craftsmanship is the main part of the game, and it has also changed in the recent update. Players need more XP to upgrade various new world classes. Naturally, this will force players to get more materials, and it will also result in more equipment being made for upgrades. Therefore, players are likely to want to invest in more storage space, especially for those who own a house. Fortunately, players can use Hope Storage Chest, which is a third-level item that can be placed in the player’s home, and can store many items, equipment, and resources.

    For players who own a house in New World, they can decorate it with furniture, some of which are purely decorative, while others provide New World Gold. With the storage box, players can not only upgrade their personal storage space in the settlement where the house is located, but also access their own storage shed from the house. Currently, there are 4 different options for storage boxes made with furniture skills.

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