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Game director Scot Lane’s discussion on New World

  • Some time ago, Game director Scot Lane of New World expressed more discussion about New World in an interview. Although its release has achieved brilliant success in the early stage, many players are also willing to buy New World Gold for more fun. But with the continuous occurrence of errors in the game, the number of players is gradually decreasing. Amazon Game Studios are also constantly taking corresponding measures to deal with this problem.

    When asked how they deal with the restoration work at the same time as the post-release content, Scot Lane said that the live broadcast is a top priority. If something affects the player, it will attract their full attention. They can still handle future content because the work is very professional. For example, their recent in-game Cheap New World Coins issue requires engineers to understand this part of the code, while different teams composed of game engineers, designers, and artists handle Void Gauntlet updates. They will continue to work on the post-release content and develop Aeternum, but the live build is always the first.

    They knew they had problems, and he hoped everyone knew the team was working day and night to solve these problems as quickly as possible. They know it is important to continue to add content and features, so they plan to do so in the next few New World Gold, but now the focus is to provide players in the world with the best experience they can provide. They are very grateful for the patience of the players in solving these release issues.

    Whether they allocated more resources to test the patch. He affirmed. He explained they added more testing resources and launched PTR. They made some mistakes because they went too fast, but they were still looking for a balance between speed and quality. Their goal is to provide an excellent experience for each player, and as a team, they do better at tinkering and testing every day. There is nothing more distressing than the problems in the live gaming space. They put a lot of effort into providing an excellent experience for players, so they will continue to do their best to provide an excellent gaming experience. And players can buy New World Gold to experience more game fun.