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New World brings Winter Convergence Festival to players

  • Amazon Game Studios launched the Winter Convergence Festival to celebrate the cold season in New World. The Winter Convergence Festival was tested on the New World Public Test Field (PTR) earlier this month and has now been launched on all live servers. For most players, this will be their first opportunity to take part in the New World Winter Celebration. The Winter Convergence Festival lasts from December 16th to January 11th, giving fans plenty of time to try out the new features of MMO. So players also need to prepare New World Gold to experience more fun.

    As part of the event, players will collect Winter Tokens from events around Aeternum and give them to Winter Wanderer, a giant yeti. These can purchase “rare and cosmetic items” from the temporary holiday shop. There are also “new armours, weapons, furnishing, skins, consumables, and a delightful ‘present gifting’ emote" for players to unlock during the event. So players can buy Cheap New World Coins to get more rewards. To celebrate Winter Convergence, players can also complete some holiday Town Projects, which will cause settlements to upgrade their holiday decorations and provide some thank you gifts to players who help.

    Besides the security of the settlement, there are some Lost Presents that can be retrieved from Frigid Folk. These Lost Presents can be handed in with Winter Tokens at Winter Village Holiday Huts in Aeternum. New Ice Caves have also appeared on the New World Gold. Amazon Game Studios has confirmed that these ice caves will remain in New World even after the Winter Convergence Festival ends.

    During the celebration, a new dynamic event-Gleamite Showers may happen at night. Players can harvest these crystals and then turn them in to get more Winter Tokens. Finally, there are seven new Winter Convergence quests for players to complete. These can start at level 25, but it required a level 60 character to complete them. If players want to upgrade quickly, they can prepare enough RPG New World Coins to achieve this goal.