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Some ways to get Gleamite in New World

  • During the Winter Convergence Festival in New World, players can get unique rewards by exchanging Gleamite shards for the new currency Winter Tokens. The event runs from December 16th to January 11th. Besides activities, the game also introduces Winter Tokens, which is a special currency different from New World Gold, allowing players to exchange them for unique rewards, and the best way to get many tokens is by understanding how and in where to get Gleamite.

    By completing the Winter Convergence Festival quest line in New World, players will finally accept the quest of Winter Wanderer in Winter Village to dig the fallen Gleamite crystals. Although Winter Wanderer will mark the location of a Gleamite Shard on their map to facilitate the task, it is far from the best way to collect this new material.

    When night falls in Aeternum, sparkling meteors may appear in the sky above. They are the harbingers of the dynamic events of the new Gleamite Showers. Gleamite Showers only happen after nightfall and end with dawn. It scattered Gleamite Chunks in a random area of Aeternum. This is a new resource node in New World through which players can get Gleamite.

    Showers can spread Gleamite Chunks in multiple locations and there is no discernible or predictable pattern in these locations. The event occurs at night, its dazzling color display is impossible to miss, and Gleamite can be found in the direction where the meteor exploded into smaller pieces. Once players find their way to one of these locations in New World, they will recognize Gleamite Chunks as these tall colorful crystals protruding from the ground.

    After mining their fill of gleamite crystals, players can redeem New World Gold by redeeming 10 Gleamites for a Winter Token in the nearest Winter Village in Holiday Hut, and then redeem them for exclusive Winter Convergence Festival rewards.

    Although a series of negative influences have recently affected New World, it obsessed most players with the beauty of Gleamite Showers and buy Cheap New World Coins at IGGM. They have recorded a few videos or taken a lot of photos and shared them with the community on social media. The simplicity and tangible rewards of the event have also received the same praise, and players said they would be happy to see similar events in the future.