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New World players can get exclusive Wheel of Time gear through

  • Although the release of New World was a great success, there were also many disgusting faults and some errors in the later period. Many players buy Cheap New World Coins to get a better gaming experience, but these annoying mistakes plagued them. Fortunately, Amazon Games is actively repairing and improving the game. They also announced a piece of news recently.

    Amazon announced it will add exclusive items to Amazon Games’ popular MMORPG New World from Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time TV series. Fans can get these items by watching special streams on Amazon’s Twitch streaming service.

    The eligible “drops enabled” stream will start at 12 AM EST on December 24th and will include the watch-along party for the first season finale of The Wheel of Times on Twitch. The Wheel of Time promotion is scheduled to take place at 3 a.m. Eastern Time on January 12, and will require fans to watch eligible streaming media for seven hours. Or almost as long as it takes to watch the first season of the eight episodes actually to get all the various digital goods in the New World Gold.

    In exchange, Amazon is distributing various in-game items for New World pulled from the Wheel of Time program, including cloaks worn by the Red Ajah and Children of the Light organizations, Tam’s heron-marked blade, a barbed sword wielded by the villainous Trollocs, and the outfits for Egwene and Nynaeve. Players can also get a badge with the ouroboros logo of the Wheel of Time, which can also be used in their in-game company. Of course, players can also buy New World Gold to buy some items they want.