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Some of the game director’s thoughts on New World

  • Although the launch of New World was very successful, it also made a lot of mistakes that MMOs can make. There are also various errors in the game. For some loyal players, they will buy Cheap New World Coins to get a better gaming experience, but these errors also bore the players. Recently, New World game director Scot Lane shared some comments, reviewing the first few months of New World and the mistakes made.

    About three months after its first launch, Amazon’s MMO New World has experienced many ups and downs. The game was very popular after its release, but players quickly fell into the quagmire of glitches, confusing game design and lack of features. At a turning point in New World, a director of Amazon Games shared his views on the problem.

    Scot Lane, New World game director of Amazon Games, previously shared his insights on New World. However, this time he reviewed the mistakes he had made, trying to find out why things went so fast. He also has some ideas about what the team can do to make New World Gold right.

    According to Scot Lane, the biggest mistake Amazon made in New World was moving too fast. Specifically, he proposed monthly updates, but New World also had a rather busy birth. Players from all over the world flocked in. Discovery seemed to be the first new blockbuster MMO in years, and Amazon’s servers were overwhelmed. Of course, once Amazon doubled the servers and allowed players to switch between them, many new problems also appeared. But the developers will continue to optimize and correct these errors to bring players a better experience. Players can also prepare enough New World Coins to save their unsuccessful gaming career.