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The threat to the economy in New World is not just gold duplica

  • Since its release, New World seems to have experienced a lot of ups and downs. Its release was very successful and gained many players. Many players buy New World Gold to make their game more smooth, but with various errors and malfunctions in the game, this seems to give players a terrible gaming experience. One of them is the instability of the economy in the game.

    The first version of gold duplication glitch caused serious damage in New World, causing developers to shut down server transfers less than 24 hours after implementation. Obviously, since then, developers have been focusing on eliminating errors, especially errors that have the potential to disrupt the economic stability of New World. Maintaining economic vitality in a world with unlimited trees but limited New World Coins seems to be much more difficult than Scot Lane expected. The game director stated that the constant false alarms are very frustrating because they force him to focus on troubleshooting faults and vulnerabilities rather than on improving the gaming experience.

    Recently, Scot Lane reported that New World developers realized that the threat to the economy was not just gold duplication bugs. Some minor adjustments to the way resource collection works are packaged into the game’s Void Gauntlet update. These changes reduce the amount of honey and milk got from the apiary and cows, respectively, to help control the number of these items in the game and encourage players to take New World Gold.

    Obviously, milk and honey are used cooking ingredients widely, and they are easy to find, which makes players less willing to go out and collect resources for themselves. Scot Lane continued to say that New World is improving every day and players will soon look forward to more events and new weapons, but he declined to give details. So players can prepare enough Cheap New World Coins at in advance to be prepared for more updates fully. And now they can use the code “XMAS” to get a 7% discount. (2021.12.23-2021.12.31). Come on!